How to install CentOS 7

How to install CentOS 7

Connect to java/html5 console, (here you can find an article that will show you how) How to access java/html5 console :

Select: Install CentOS 7.

  • Mount ISO: Virtual media > Connect Virtual Image > Map CD/DVD

Click on: Connect Virtual Media.

Click on: Map CD/DVD.

Now click on: Map Device.

  • Next Boot > Virtual CD/DVD/ISO

  • Power > Reset System(warm boot)

Then click on: Reset system (warm boot)

  • Install
  • Select language

Select: English → English United States

  • Set date and time
  • Configure Host and Network

  • Press: save.

  • Then press on and done.
  • Installation destination.

  • Press done after select your device.

  • Select → delete all → reclaim space

  • Select → and press done
  • Software Selection l/

  • Select: minimal install an system administration tools, and then press: done
  • Press begin installation

  • Now configure your password

  • Reboot

  • When reboot is done unselect: Mapped to CD/DVD, and press: Power → Reset System (warm boot)

ssh 89….


#select new password