Our Main Features

Our business has unique DDoS protection software on high performance hardware lead by expert security engineers.

High Performance

Premium network and high performance hardware optimized to sustain attacks of up to 1Tbps.


In-house developed layer 7 DDoS protection for webservers with complex features.

Unbeatable Support

The 27/7 technical support packages we provide are on tickets and emergency support on chat or over the phone.

Pricing Plans

Remote DDoS Protected Services, Dedicated Servers and Management Services starter plans

Micro Proxy

1000 GB monthly traffic

  • Worldshield v4 Proxy Panel
  • 1 Tbps DDoS Protection
  • SSL Support
  • Web Challange (robot detection)
  • GEO IP Blocking
  • WAF Support
  • URL Filters
  • 10Gbps Port
49 /m

CPU 2 x E5-2680 v4

Delivery: Up to 2hours

  • CPU 2 x E5-2680 v4
  • 28 Core/56 Threads
  • 2 Tbps DDoS Protection
  • 128GB RAM DDR4
  • 2x 1TB SSD Raid1
  • Premium Network
  • Europe - Romania
  • 1Gbps or 10Gbps Port
249 /m


up to 3 hours per month

  • Virtual and Physical Server Management
  • Monitoring System
  • Software Optimization
  • Support 24/7 via tickets
85 /m

Our Main Services

From Enterprise to end user, we provide proffessional DDoS protected and advanced anti-cracking services to our customers worldwide.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers with custom resources. If we don't have them in stock, we'll get them for you.

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DDoS Protection

Remote DDoS protected services and on-premise protection for layer 3 and layer 7 attacks.

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High Availability

Failover clusters. When one server gets offline, traffic will be re-routed to other servers.

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Server and infrastructure monitoring, you will be informed when resourse usage goes over a specific threshold.

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Management services, application optimization, updates and everything needed to keep you safe.

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If you want to use your own hardware, not a problem. We also provide collocation services.

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