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Feeling the pinch of limited storage on your current web hosting plan? Then it’s time to consider a Storage VPS from NexonHost! This robust hosting solution offers the perfect blend of dedicated resources, exceptional performance, and – you guessed it – a massive amount of storage space to handle all your business needs.


Choose the Best Storage Virtual Private Server Plan for Your Business!

NexonHost offers a range of unmetered VPS plans to perfectly suit your specific needs. Whether you’re managing a high-traffic website, running resource-intensive applications, or requiring a robust platform for development and testing, we have the perfect solution for you.

All Storage VPS Plans Include Raid10 Enterprise SSDs and the Following

When you choose NexonHost for your Storage VPS needs, you’re not just getting top-tier storage. You’re also unlocking a world of powerful features:



Customizable VPS plans, we can upgrade your CPU, disks, guaranteed bandwidth and protection capacity anytime.


DDoS Protection

All VPS plans come with 20Gbps/1Mpps DDoS protection, it can be upgraded to 1Tbps and customized based on attack patterns.


Blazing-Fast Performance

NexonHost utilizes cutting-edge technology, including KVM virtualization, to deliver lightning-fast performance for your websites and applications. Say goodbye to lag and hello to a seamless user experience.


24/7 Customer Support

With our 20+ Years in hosting & security experience, you're in safe hands. is here for you around the clock.


KVM/VNC Access

All of our servers come with KVM/VNC access, so if you need to install your OS, or troubleshoot, this will be an invaluable tool for you!



As your storage needs evolve, simply upgrade your Storage VPS plan to accommodate the increase. NexonHost makes scaling your resources a breeze.

Operating Systems You can Choose On Our Storage VPS Plans!

We offer a variety of operating systems to give you complete control over your virtual server environment. Choose from industry favorites like:

  • CentOS


  • Ubuntu


  • Debian


  • Rocky


  • Windows

    2016 Standard +50 Euro

  • Arch

  • Fedora


  • Almalinux

  • Oracle

  • Scientific

  • Custom

    Install your own via IPMI

Why Choose Nexon Host for Your Storage VPS Hosting

NexonHost isn’t just another hosting provider. We’re a dedicated partner in your business success. Here’s why you should choose NexonHost for your Storage VPS needs:

  • Unmatched Affordability: NexonHost offers some of the most competitive Storage VPS plans on the market, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • 24/7 Support: Our expert technical support team is available around the clock to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues you might encounter.
  • Industry-Leading Security: We take your data security seriously. NexonHost employs cutting-edge security measures to keep your information safe and secure.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: Our robust infrastructure ensures exceptional uptime and performance for your Storage VPS.

know More About Storage VPS

What is a Storage VPS?

A Storage VPS, or Storage Virtual Private Server, is a hosting solution that combines the benefits of shared hosting with the dedicated resources of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). With a Storage VPS, you get a portion of a physical server with a guaranteed amount of CPU, RAM, and most importantly, a significant amount of storage space dedicated solely to your needs. This translates to a secure, reliable, high-performance environment for data-intensive applications.

What is the suitable Storage VPS plan for you?

The ideal Storage VPS plan for you depends on your specific storage requirements. Consider the amount of data you currently store and anticipate needing in the future. NexonHost offers a range of plans with varying storage capacities, so you can find the perfect fit for your business.

What can a Storage VPS be used for?

Storage VPS hosting is perfect for a variety of applications, including:

  • Media Streaming: Easily store and stream large audio and video files.
  • E-commerce Websites: Host your online store with ample space for product images and customer data.
  • Data Backups: Securely store critical business data and backups on your Storage VPS.
  • Large Databases: Manage complex databases with ease thanks to the ample storage capacity.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Host resource-intensive CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I virtualize my VPS server?

Yes! One of the key advantages of a Storage VPS is the ability to virtualize your server environment. This allows you to run multiple operating systems on your VPS, providing greater flexibility and isolation for your applications.

What projects and applications can I use Storage VPS for?

The possibilities are vast! Storage VPS is ideal for any application that demands significant storage space, such as:


Media Streaming Services: Store and deos eliver high-definition vidand music files without any limitations.

Ecommerce Platforms: Host your online store with ample space for product images, customer data, and order history.

Data Archiving: Securely store critical business data and backups for long-term access.

Large-Scale Database Management: Handle complex databases with ease, ensuring optimal performance for your applications.

Content Management Systems (CMS): Power resource-intensive CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal to run your website or blog smoothly.

Software Development: Create and test development environments with ample storage for code, assets, and project files.

Web Applications: Host data-driven web applications that require significant storage for user data or generated content.

Can I change my Storage VPS specs?

Absolutely! NexonHost offers flexible upgrade options.  You can easily increase your storage space, CPU cores, RAM, or bandwidth as your business needs evolve. Our dedicated support team is always happy to assist you in choosing the right plan for your current requirements.

Can I upgrade to a different VPS plan later?

Yes, upgrading your VPS plan is a breeze with NexonHost. We offer a seamless upgrade process, allowing you to scale your resources effortlessly. Whether you need more storage, processing power, or bandwidth, upgrading your plan ensures your hosting environment continues to meet your growing business demands.

What is the typical usage scenario for Storage VPS?

Storage VPS is ideal for businesses or individuals with websites or applications that require substantial storage space. This could include:


Photographers and videographers storing large portfolios of high-resolution images and videos.

Creative agencies managing extensive client data, project files, and design assets.

E-commerce businesses with a vast product catalog and high-resolution product images.

Educational institutions managing large databases of student information and learning materials.

How do you provide high-performance VPS?

NexonHost utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional performance for your Storage VPS. This includes:


KVM virtualization: This advanced virtualization technology ensures efficient resource allocation and optimal performance for your virtual server.

Solid-State Drives (SSDs): We leverage high-speed SSDs to deliver lightning-fast read/write speeds, minimizing loading times and enhancing user experience.

High-Bandwidth Network: Our robust network infrastructure provides ample bandwidth to handle high traffic volumes without compromising speed.

Do you provide additional IP addresses?

Yes, NexonHost offers the option to add additional IP addresses to your Storage VPS plan. This can be beneficial for:


Separating website traffic: Distribute traffic across multiple IP addresses for improved performance and security.

Hosting multiple websites: Assign a dedicated IP address to each website hosted on your VPS.

Enhanced security: Utilize additional IP addresses to implement advanced security measures.

What Other Services Does NexonHost Provide?

NexonHost offers a comprehensive suite of hosting solutions to cater to your diverse business needs. In addition to our industry-leading Storage VPS hosting, we also provide:


Dedicated Servers: Gain complete control and unmatched performance with a dedicated server that meets your specific requirements.

Remote DDoS Protection: Shield your website from distributed denial-of-service attacks with our robust DDoS protection services.

Unmetered VPS: Enjoy the flexibility of unmetered bandwidth on our VPS plans, allowing your website to handle unexpected traffic surges without incurring additional charges.

DDoS Protected VPS: Our DDoS-protected VPS plans combine the scalability of a VPS with advanced DDoS mitigation technology to keep your website secure.

Storage Servers: Store your critical business data securely and reliably on our high-performance storage servers.

Colocation: For businesses requiring ultimate control over their physical infrastructure, NexonHost offers secure colocation facilities.

Contact NexonHost today to explore our entire range of hosting solutions and discover the perfect fit for your business!

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