How to install Debian 12.

How to install Debian 12.

Connect to java/html5 console, (here you can find an article that will show you how) How to access java/html5 console :

  • Mount ISO: Virtual media > Connect Virtual Image > Map CD/DVD

Click on: Connect Virtual Media.

Click on: Map CD/DVD.

  • Set users and password:

  • Chose your time zone:

  • Select entire disk:

  • Finish partitioning and press continue → press yes :

  • Use a network mirror → press yes and continue:

  • Select your country and press continue:

  • Configure the package manager.

  • Press yes and continue:

  • After installation press continue:

  • Create root password/ enable root access:

ssh nexonhost@89………



nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

#PermitRootLogin prohibit-password > PermitRootLogin yes

systemctl restart sshd


#connect root

deluser nexonhost

echo > .bash_history