How to Set up Network Bonding Ubuntu 20

How to Set up Network Bonding Ubuntu 20

Connect to java/html5 console, (here you can find an article that will show you how) How to access java/html5 console :

Mount ISO: Virtual media > Connect Virtual Image > Map CD/DVD

Next Boot > Virtual CD/DVD/ISO

Power > Reset System

Install > Enlish keyboard > Done

Create bond >

Set up bond0

> check eno1 ano2 box

> bond mode 802.3ad

> XMIT hash policy layer 3 +4

> LACP rate fast

> Create

Configure the interface with bond

Set up IPV4 configuration >Save

> Done


>Continue without updating

Check use entire disk > done

Complete profile setup > done

Check install openssh server box > done

When install is complet > Reboot now