How to create software raid 10 from OS install.

How To Create Software Raid 10 (Raid 1+0) From OS Install.

RAID 10 is designed to offer superior resilience and speed than other RAID levels, as it combines the mirroring protection of RAID 1 with the performance enhancements that RAID 0 offers.

  • Reset and reformat all disk.

  • From the first disk put 1Gb in /boot .

  • leave unformatted the same number of GB on each partition and press create software RAID (md)

  • Select the “Create software RAID (“MD”)” button to open the creation dialog. The server installer supports creating devices with RAID level 10→ select all disk → press create.

  • From md0 free space create the partitions ass needed or required.

  • Press done and continue the installation.