Remote DDoS Protection Plans

Remote DDoS Protection For Webservers

Newly developed control panel powered by VPZ, WorldShield allows you to customize the protection as per your needs.

Features / Plans Micro Small Business Enterprise
Advanced v4 Panel
Unlimited Domains
SSL Support
Web Challenge
URL Filters
GEO IP Blocking
WAF Support
Live Logs
Search in Logs
Authentication security module
MAC address verification
Top request module with actions
10 Gbps+ Port
Advanced Filters Module 2 Rules 5 Rules 15 Rules Custom
Ip Firewall Entries 50.000 100.000 200.000 Custom
Multiple Backends
Clean Traffic 1 TB 3 TB 10 TB Unlimited
Support Response Time Max 24 hours Max 16 hours Max 8 hours Max 2 hours
Block by ASN 5 Entires 10 Entries 30 Entries Custom
Extra IP
Emergency Support Package Skype/Telegram
L3+4 DDoS Protection 10 Gbps 25 Gbps 50 Gbps 100Gbps to 600Gbps
Price/Purchase 49 Euro/m 159 Euro/m
399 Euro/m From 710 Euro/m

Additional Features

Some of our most imporant features that can be configured on our proxy plans.

Advanced Filters Module

Advanced filters is an option where you can create customized filters based on the attacks you receive.

Username connecting from multiple IPs

If your users shared their credentials, you can detect them and block all IPs.


Detects cracking activity and blocks the specific IPs.

Block by ASN

You can block by AS numbers. ASN includes the whole list of IPs a provider has.

Most Requests per IP

With this module you can block all IPs that do more requests than the entered amount.

Extra Proxy IPs

This module allows the usage of multiple IPs, helps in isolating your visitors based on regions.

High Availability

Failover cluster, in case one service is not available it will failover to the others.

WS Swarm

Swarm is a database of IPs that were used in DDoS attacks, crackers and botnets. You can select to block these IPs by default.