How to use WinMTR

How to use WinMTR

  • Windows

For a simple diagnostic of the network connection to a remote host, just enter its IP address or domain name in the Host field, and then click Start. All parameters can be left at default.

After that, you will see how WinMTR sends requests every second and which hosts network packets pass along the way. For better accuracy, we recommend waiting 1-2 minutes for some statistics to accumulate. For the convenience of exporting, there are buttons that allow both copying data and creating a text or html document.

Screenshot 1. Diagnosing Network Connection Using WinMTR on Windows Server

Explanation of column names:

  • Hostname – the name of the intermediate host. If you uncheck the “Resolve names” checkbox in the settings, then only the IP addresses of the nodes will be displayed.
  • Nr – the number of the host in the route.
  • Loss% – the ratio of lost and sent packets as a percentage.
  • Sent – the number of sent packets.
  • Recv – the number of responses received.
  • Best – shortest response time after sending the request.
  • Avrg – average response time after sending the request.
  • Worst – longest response time after sending the request.
  • Last – response time after sending the last request.