How to install R1Soft Client

How to install R1Soft Client


R1Soft Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a cost-effective solution to traditional, incremental backups. This process starts in the same way as a traditional backup, a full snapshot will be made of all your data. After the first initial replica, the changing data will continuously be monitored and only the files or blocks where information has changed will be saved. The performance of your server will not be affected because the system only needs to read the changed parts of your data rather than rereading all of your data. The main benefit is that you can exclude selected files and folders from the replication or you can recover your selected files. R1Soft also allows you to determine the frequency of your replication so you can change these settings anytime you want.


R1soft Agent

R1soft backup works with agents which are installed on the computers and servers that are being backed up. This agent then establishes connection with the backup server to send a copy of your data. It also helps to easily restore any backup file back to your computer or server.

There are two agents available which you can install depending on the OS your using. We have described all the steps for both agents in this article.


Installing Agent on CentOS, Fedora and RHE

Step 1 – Configure YUM Repository

nano -w /etc/yum.repos.d/r1soft.repo

Step 2 – Insert the following text into the file and save the file


name=R1Soft Repository Server




Step 3 – Verify what is written to the file

cat /etc/yum.repos.d/r1soft.repo

Step 4 – Install the package

yum install r1soft-cdp-enterprise-server

Step 5 – press Y to start the installation


Installing Agent on Debian and Ubuntu

Step 1 – Add  the R1Soft repository to your sources list, and then download the R1Soft apt gpg key.

echo deb stable main >> /etc/apt/sources.list


apt-key add r1soft.asc

Step 2 – run apt-get update to download the information about the packages in the new repository

apt-get update

Step 3 – Install the CDP Server

apt-get install r1soft-cdp-enterprise-server