How to Install ntopng.

How To Install Ntopng.

ntopng is an Open Source Tool to monitor the network. It is a security network monitoring tool, also monitors web activities passively. It is also used for packet capturing, Traffic Recording, and Network Probing. A huge number of companies like Google, HP, Cisco, IBM, and many more uses ntop. It acts as a central network monitoring console. Packet capturing capacity of ntop is 10 Gbit. It supports major OS including Unix, Windows, and macOS X.



  • Open Source

  • Easy to manage

  • Multiple kinds of analysis possible using filters

  • Realtime analysis

  • Supports third-party plugins

  • Easy to use WebUI

  • Customizable


Step-by-step Installation:

Step 1: Enter in root user and run these commands:

sudo su -
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install software-properties-common wget

Step 2: Now, We will add the repository which contains the ntopng program

add-apt-repository universe

Step 3: Next, we have to install the package

apt install ntopng

To check whether it is installed or not:

systemctl status ntopng

systemctl is a command used to check installed services in linux.

To start it, use the command

systemctl start ntopng


Configuration File

To view the configuration file, 

cat /etc/ntopng/ntopng.conf

To choose the port use “–http-port” or “-w” option as


Other options are also there like


These are used to set the maximum number of flows and hosts respectively.

To run ntopng as daemon use option in config file “-e|–daemon” as


 Or use the below command

systemctl enable ntopng


Running and Testing ntopng:

To run ntopng or to start the ntopng


This will run ntopng and view it use the URL in your browser

http://<ntopng IP Address>:<port>/



Enter the username as admin and password as admin, then you can view the ntopng

Here you can see we choose the http-port = 3000, and it is running on that port.