How to configure RAID 1 through iLO(HPE)

How To Configure RAID 1 Through ILO(HPE)


Power ON the system and from ILO press F10 to select INTELLIGENT PROVISIONING. 


This will open a wizard where it will load the Intelligent provisioning


Loading further will give below display.


Now you are provided with different options, where we have to select relevant options of our choice (RAID configuration in our scenario)


This will present a page where we can see our existing Physical disks (Assigned and Unassigned) and logical arrays (if created any)


Physical Disk view


Now press create array option and select disks of your choice and then press “Create array”.


Note: This action is irreversible and will delete all the data present on the disk. 


Now you will have options to select numerous RAID levels, i am selecting RAID 1 as per my requirements. You can select as per your performance choices.

You will be presented with what final size as per your RAID configuration. Further press Create logical Drive.

Verify your configuration and Finish it.


Now you are provided with your Logical Devices and the disks included within. Here you can create more than one array as per your available disks.


Press X given at the top of the above to reboot your system with new