How to configure RAID 0 through iLO(HPE).

How To Configure RAID 0 Through ILO(HPE).

This topic describes how to use iLO to create and configure a Logical RAID drive from two new SSDs.

  1. Login to the ILO web console.

  2. Navigate to Information > Overview

  3. Click Integrated Remote Console to launch the KVM console.

In the KVM console, perform a Power Reset.

Select System Configuration.

Chose Embedded RAID 1: Smart Array P440ar controller.

Choose Exit and Launch HP Storage Administrator.

At the iLO main menu, the options are to either Configure and Install – which provides a “wizard” to perform a clean install and system reset to defaults – or Perform Maintenance, where you can delete or add drives on existing RAID disks.  You can think of Perform Maintenance as the “Advanced “or custom settings option.

For this tutorial, we will be creating unique RAID disks with spares, select Perform Maintenance

Within the Perform Maintenance menu, you have several options.  To set up a new RAID disk, select HP Smart Storage Administrator.

From the HP Smart Storage Administrator menu, click on the Controller under the Available Device menu on the left.

From the controller menu, select Configure

Select Clear Configuration.

On the Clear Configuration Prompt, click Clear.  (Note that this tutorial assumes that you have just received your server, in which case it’s best practice to clear any disks that we may have created during production.)

Select Finish.