We had a network outage on 31-08-2022 affecting all the streaming
network causing high latency and packet loss on certain routes due to
congestions being created.

Description of incident : 3 of the transit lines carrying about 400Gbps
capacity were down during the affected period , we still do not know
what caused the incident ( what broke the lines as the transport company
did not provide clear information regarding that ), issue started at
around 15:00 AM daytime Romania and lasted until 1AM when part of the
fibers resumed working.

While we did have direct connections to other transits the capacity was
insufficient to take over all the load from the network as Hurricane
Electric (tier1 ) also had issues with this fiber cut as they used the
same circuit for their transport ( cutting an extra 200G from our
capacity ).

Part of the fibers that were down are now UP and network is running
normally and we do not expect same congestion we had last night.

In order to resolve such critical situations we've ordered direct tier1
capacity ( 500G ) via different transits and expect it to be delivered
within 7-14 days.

We are sorry about the inconvenience this created and assure you that
we're doing our best to resolve such situations in the fastest time

If you have questions or need additional support , please reach out via

Thursday, September 1, 2022

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